Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Five.

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1. Coupon + Store Sale usually means I'll give a product a shot if it sounds interesting & is nearly free. I'm a marketers dream, yes? Latest freebie find: Pom Hula. Tasty juice + a cute curvy bottle sporting a hula skirt? Win-Win.
2. We have real housewives style drama going on in my backyard. There are a handful of hummingbirds that tend to argue over their spot at the feeder. It's rather entertaining to watch them perch, survey the airspace, feed, & chase each other around. 

3. If you could have dinner party with a special guest, who would it be? This week my answer is Ina Garten. Ford & I have become big fans of the barefoot contessa. She comes on TV during witching hour & I don't know if its her voice or the background music but it calms him right down, and makes me quite hungry!
Future chef? Hanging in the bumbo on the kitchen floor (we follow directions.)

4. Have you checked out "Drunk History" on Comedy Central (or hulu in our case?) Hilarity. PSA: Don't watch while chopping watermelon & cucumbers like I did. Giggles + knives don't mix.

5. Speaking of cukes, I am digging an easy-peasy side dish BIG TIME this summer. 
Image Credit: Southern Bite

4 Cucumbers, peeled
Medium Vidella Onion
Equal Parts Sugar & White Vinegar (I use 1/2 Cup of each)
1/2 teaspoon of salt & pepper to taste

Combine, chill, & serve.

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Always Organizing said...

Hey there! I haven't blogged in ages but wanted to say that your little guy is a doll. Congrats :)