Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Accountability

Here it is, the 8th month of 2013 and yet I've got a very January 1st plan. Fresh starts aren't just for the beginning of each year I say! In an attempt to regain control over what, at some points, has seemed like a year spinning faster & faster (& slightly out of control.) I figure if I put it out into the universe (or blogoverse) it will hold me accountable. Ready to set some August goals? 
In no particular order, here we go!

  1. Catch up on thank you notes. A task I like to pride myself on being typically on top of that has gotten buried. Lots of gratitude to be expressed from outpourings of baby joy, birthday love, & sympathy.
  2. Read one book for me, just for fun. I love to be consumed in a good story & just haven't let myself in a while. Time to turn off the Ruku & go cover to cover!
  3. Have 2 date nights out.
  4. Read the barefoot baby a Bible story each night before bed.
  5. Increase my focus & speed up my turn around time for clients. It's been harder than I expected to get back into the groove & I'm ready for big things. 
  6. Get my sweat on, fit momma style, 4 times a week.
  7. Get back to blogging, 2 times a week.
  8. Menu plan weekly. Everyone is happier when there is a plan in place & the fridge is stocked.
  9. Photo-a-day challenge.
  10. Try something new, recipe style. 
Do you set monthly goals for yourself to keep yourself on track? 

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Lexilooo said...

I don't tend to be very good about following through with my goals...but perhaps if I wrote them down, and had fewer, I could be more accountable...considering this for September!