Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pop In to a Pop Up

A few years back I was lucky enough to hear Bunny Williams give a talk to trade professionals at High Point Furniture Market. I went in with an open mind but realistically expected to hear an "out of touch New York" decorators take on the industry. One of those designers who makes you rid yourself of everything and start from scratch. One of those people who thinks that $500/yard fabric is a "must use." Those folks are out there (and published in lots of magazines) but she certainly wasn't one of them! I was pleasantly surprised to hear her take on the industry, her "lived & learned" experiences, and design philosophy. We were far more alike than I knew and she quickly became one of my very favorite industry professionals.

Bunny Williams has a goal with each client, one that I find myself striving for as well. She aims to "create a lifestyle--your home is not just about the furniture, but how you really live in it. Make it magical." She is a huge proponent of "living with what you love." I couldn't agree more. I always try to create beautiful yet practical spaces that are uniquely you!

I was thrilled to learn that Bunny Williams was opening a pop up shop in NYC while I was going to be there. I'm lucky enough to get to see the showroom at market, but couldn't wait to see her pop up retail space. I was so busy soaking up inspiration that I failed to take any photos. {Luckily there are a few floating around the interwebs, thanks Shorely Chic!}

{I will have this table in my breakfast day!}
{Ohm Mirror. So Chic}

Bunny Williams's signature collection, Beeline Home, is full of fabulous and unique pieces that are livable and unique. I have a few that make my top picks list...what do you think?
{Future desk for my future office}

{The attention to detail transforms a basic to a WOW}


Nat said...

So refreshing to hear that! She's always been one of my favorite designers and I love her philosophy! I feel like many designers are as you described and not down to earth or realistic with their clients.

Wendy said...

That's a real treat to be able to catch Bunny Williams' Pop up space. I love that cream sofa!

annechovie said...

Great pieces! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Kate.