Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo sniping.

I snap so many photos each day full of inspiration and decided it was high time to chronicle them on ye ole blog! From now on I'll do a weekly wrap up of things that are on my radar!

Design Finds:
{1} Schumacher bags (and fabrics) rock my socks off almost every time I visit the fabric showroom. I love this latest Moroccan inspired design in royal, teal, and cornflower!
{2} Speaking of Schumacher, Pete seems to be quite taken with their new lulu dk children's line. Spots, spots, everywhere!
{3} Leaping zebras, thanks to scalamandre. No words!
{4} Duralee Fabrics is definitely on my radar and is a major go to. I can't wait to see how these floral curtains and quatrefoil chenille chairs turn out!

Fantastic wedding for a fabulous friend!
{1} I spotted the brides beautiful tobacco leaf china pattern in the most recent issue of house beautiful
{2} My toes splashing in the Trent River post wedding send off!
{3} A boat get away by sparkler light? Perfect.

I heart...
{1} Grapefruit LaCroix. Perfect calorie free refresher for a hot day.
{2} Matisse inspired dessert plates. I want to hang them on my wall!
{3} A cup of tea in my wedding china. Love.
{4} Peonies. It's the 2 week window when they can be spotted everywhere, and it makes me so happy!!

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Anonymous said...

such wonderful fabrics!!!! schumacher just kills it every time. and scalamandre? an all time love. le sigh.

Nat said...

All those fabrics are gorgeous and the peonies!! Looks like a fun wedding!

i'm jess said...

Love your pics! What a fun wedding! Peonies are my fave!