Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo Round Up--{Bright lights, big city edition}

The Nisbets were on the road this week...New York City style. I am always inspired by the city and it's fabulous smorgasbord of offerings. Want to stop into a vintage fabric store, a couture boutique, and a store dedicated to trimmings? They've got it! Want to eat the worlds best corn, doughnut, and ramen in one day? You can do it! (i may or may not have done it) While I love visiting and playing with my city-dwelling friends, I'm always happy to return home to a little slower pace. The following photos are snippets from my adventures!

BBQ in Brooklyn with my favorite city dweller always makes for a fabulous day. The joint has the coolest pendants and taps made from meat cleavers & knives! Leave it to me to pick out the interesting design elements when I should have had the brain on pork!

Manhattan skyline as seen from smorgasboard market (thanks RAB for the suggestion!) Additionally there are very few things that make me happier than enjoying a Brooklyn beer just across from the brewery while playing skeeball with my college roomie of 4 years.

While hubby was working we ate our way around manhattan. I rarely make a trip without making a stop for the best corn on the planet (cafe habana)! I also celebrated the "latest" sweet treat of mini cupcakes! And momofuku's ramen? The stuff dreams are made of!

It's now time to kick back my pedicured toes and enjoy a little cava sangria and say cheers to the weekend (and a fully staged house!)

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Nat said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! I love to visit NYC but I'm always ready to get back home to the slower pace after that