Monday, May 21, 2012

I heart .... {orchids}

{orchid arrangement in my personal home}
There are a few things I believe that every room needs to feel complete and house plants are one of them. I can see the terror in your eyes from here. Perhaps you fall into the, "I wont remember to water them!" category. Or maybe you just fear you'll kill them. There are some fabulous fakes out there but in my honest opinion they don't come anywhere close to the real thing. One of the easiest way to bring a little green indoors and not have to give it too much attention is the always beautiful orchid. Give it a couple of ice cubes a week and you are done. No excuses. Small investment, small maintenance, long lifespan, BIG RETURN. Ready to be inspired to freshen your space with an orchid?

{find a vintage container at a flea market for the perfect pop}

{why not used a re-purposed ice bucket for a unique look?}
{adds height to a showcase of a very traditional collection}
Source: via Kate on Pinterest
{very high impact in a simple vessel for contemporary spaces}



Belle on Heels said...

My orchid is currently residing in the lion cache pot I bought from you :)

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

That's it? Two ice cubes a week! I think I can handle that and will consider picking one up next time I'm out!
I am DROOLING over that bar. Simply stunning!

Nat said...

I had an orchid for about 2 yrs when we first bought our house and I did such a good job keeping it alive and then one day it died and I've never had a plant since!