Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh the places you'll go...

{Vines at Sunrise | Beautiful twisted oak tree}

Have you ever visited a place where you instantly fell in love? This happened to me last year on our honeymoon to wine country. {You can read my recaps from the first trip here, here, & here.} My husband and I loved exploring and finding many a off the beaten path places, really making the trip our own. When we returned, we immediately knew that we wanted to return soon and knew that a particular couple would be great travel companions. So the 2nd trip was born. 

{Mustard flowers in full bloom | Frogs Leap Winery | Favorite holy barn door | Cheers}
We spent a lovely extra-long weekend, centered on our adorable Sonoma cottage named Tres Sorelle. We visited some fabulous wineries, big and small, and ate some fabulous farm-fresh food. All in all it was the exact trip we were hoping for. We were lucky enough that one of our traveling companions happens to be a professional photographer and her photos are AMAZING and her recap inspired. You should most definitely go visit her at Laura Simson Photography and take a peek through her eyes of our trip!

{Porch Swing & Vineyard View from Tres Sorelle Cottage}

{I saw a sticker stuck to the bottom of a picnic table that said "I heart Sonoma Valley." I couldn't agree more}

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