Thursday, January 20, 2011

a cottage & a segway.

I have you intrigued, yes? After a few wonderful nights at Beltane, & one strange night in the gay capital of the Russian River Valley (seeking tasty California sparkling wine at Korbel but alas, they were closed on new years. what champagne maker is closed on new years? honestly?) we ventured to the motherland of cabs: The Napa Valley.
Not only was I jazzed about the jam packed valley of yummy wine & food, but I couldn't wait for our accommodations at Cottages of Napa Valley. The cottages did not dissappoint. A perfectly appointed cottage for two complete with a pretty amazing selection of relaxing CDs, a yummy bottle of Domanie Chandon, a heated bathroom floor (wish list for one day honey!), a big comfy bed, & the piece de resistance....a basket of Bouchon Bakery goodies delivered every morning outside your door with a copy of The New York Times (none of that west coast nonsense.) If you're thinking of planning a trip to wine-country I would highly suggest checking into the cottages. {Cottage #5...until we meet again!}
Whilst in the Napa Valley we decided to brave a semi-misty day for a special treat. (You're thinking couples massage aren't you?) You're wrong. SEGWAYS!
The hubs and I did Segway Napa's tour of Yountville. We wore hideous vests & helmets. We cruised some vineyards. We saw some happy California cows longhorns. My 6'8" husband crashed. We drank some wine & were extremely cheesy ate some cheese. It was awesome.

{happy California longhorns. they should use these guys in their commercials}

My only wish was that the Calistoga tour had been available when we were there. Why? We could have segwayed to see this:

California's Old Faithful Gyser. Lamesauce by foot. (could have been) Awesome by segway.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Goodness, that cottage is so cute! Looks like an all around good time.

suburban prep said...

Love Yountville.

At least I'm skinny said...

Happy california cows is definitely a california question I asked. You're a better Californian than he is and I'm going to tell him that.

This vacay looks so much fun! I am living through you two. I hope you don't mind.

Sweet Simplicity said...

That cabin is adorable!

garden state prep said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time! I love that you toured on segways - that's such a fun idea.