Friday, January 20, 2012

A day in the life.

If there is one quality in an interior designer that I think is most important, beside being super creative & able to stay in a budget, is the ability to multi-task. This job takes me to all sorts of places and spaces in any given day and I love it. Click on the collage above for a little snippet of my day! I've been to stone yards to search for the perfect Soapstone, Marble, & Granites ... I've installed a tailored and elegant silk drapery panels in a dining room...I'm researching this classic sofa for a friend, and have been spending time in the trade showrooms finding the perfect soft goods to cozy up a clients family room ... I've even hit some of my favorite shops to pull together a welcoming vignette in an office. 

I wonder where today will take me?


Meghan said...

Oh gosh! That's a snippet from your day? It must be amazing to be surrounded by such beautiful things all day! Do you find that you run out of energy for your own home at the end of the day or is it the total opposite?

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