Monday, January 16, 2012

White Space.

In my honest opinion, the perfect white is the most difficult paint color to achieve. You want a color that is a subtle and crisp accent ... a springboard for color and artwork in the room.  White is never just white. You have to look into the soft undertones to find cream, beige, grey, green, or blue. Something that is not too cream, or not grey, not too this this, not too that. It may take a few trial-and-error-session but you'll find it, and you'll have your go to. I think the latest (and most fabulous) white I've found thus far comes in the form of Benjamin Moore's "Winter White." 

{Benjamin Moore | Winter White | OC 21}
I was excited to see it on a test wall with the trim painted in a clients home. This sophisticated and versatile color has just the perfect tinge of dove grey while remaining bright, airy, and not too cold. I can say confidently that it is "the one!"

{Kate Nisbet Designs}
Wall Color: Benjamin Moore "Winter White", OC-21
Trim Color: Benjamin Moore "Super White"


Joanne said...

Can I just say that most of the walls in my house (at the beach) are various shades of Benjamin Moore whites? Just enough of whatever hint of a color to "be" there... but still come across as white. Ahhhhhhh.

Adair said...

Posted a little blurb about your blog and use of that awesome mirror in your client's dining room. Would love to see pictures of it!!

busanalayali said...

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kaiels said...

I have a lot of leftover Super White that I wanted to use for the trim in a room... and I wanted to use Winter White for the walls ... so I was thrilled to see that your post features the same combination!