Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Oh yes I just said "plinko!" I'm currently watching the Price is Right's million dollar primetime...boy you can tell its summer programming! (ahem, i really need a dvr or tivo or to bring out the old vcr...hee hee). I used to watch ole Bob Barker after preschool with my nanny/housekeeper during lunch most every day when I was little. I loved it then and though I haven't seen it in years, I love it now!

Pete and I loved our suprise yesterday from My Life in Pink and Green... what a fun summer package! Pete especially enjoyed his "taste" of Maryland... i think the crab was his favorite! Thank you thank you!!

Don't forget about the tie giveaway below...I'll be drawing on Friday!

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summerprep said...

thanks so much for the comment!! i love your blog!