Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer is here!

We're back! Let the loads of laundry and prep for the week ahead begin! (Pete is currently sleeping on my half unpacked Vera bag... big help he is!)

We had a nice time in Charleston and the BF enjoyed visiting with his former fraternity brothers. We did sneak off to walk down some of the residential streets and peak at the beautiful houses and gardens (my favorite part of the trip!) We spent most of the day yesterday at the beach playing ladder golf and bocce. I giggled lots at the "aging frat population" that was beaching it. The only difference was the koozies now all sport the names of brides and grooms rather than band parties :)

Time for laundry, a home pedi, and a little reading and relaxing before another busy week! Happy Memorial Day!

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Red and White Preppy said...

I loved that book! She's a great writer :)