Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nursery Talk.

Pretty soon after we found out we were expecting my mind started towards nursery decor. It's a natural progression, yes? I browsed Pinterest and found all sorts of adorable inspiration. I pinned all sorts of nurserys. {Aside: Where were the hidden boards this summer? Pinning nurserys, even when you do it under the guise of "client work" WILL infact lead you to be called out during that tricky time in which you aren't telling the world you are pregnant. Consider yourself warned.}

There were modern sophisticated nurseries ...

...and clever girly color pallettes.

And then I realized ... there were LOTS & LOTS of girl ideas I celebrated while only just a few boy inspirations being pinned. BUSTED. I thought I was on team girl from the get go. I decided it was high time to put my nursery plans on hold until d-day came and we found out pink or blue.

In the meantime, I came across this fun find while fabric shopping for a client and was instantly drawn to the bright colors & happy animals. Perfect for a boy OR a girl. I thought this was it. My inspiration print. I ALWAYS work off inspiration prints.

{Duralee 21029-215}

This week practicality set in. Even with my designer discounts the chances of me having this bedding custom made for less than ye old Pottery Barn Kids had me thinking. As much as I'd LOVE to flex my custom nursery design skills we have lots of other areas in which funds will need to be directed with our 2013 addition.

And I saw this:

{Circus Friends by PB Baby}

It was on sale. Had animals. AND a spotted dog pulling the circus train. It's perfectly little boy & adorable. I mean, who doesn't love a baby circus animal train PULLED BY A SPOTTED DOG.

Descisions, decisions.

{I'd love your input on the matter. Did you go custom in your nursery? Semi-custom? Straight PB? Any regrets? I keep thinking they only are in a crib for say, 2 years, then you get to design a longer lasting little boy room right?}


McV said...

I think I'm going the "straight target" route. :) I was reading another blog (E, Myself and I) and she said she had all custom (really cute) bedding made and then realized that no really saw it except her and her husband. I'm going to make some curtains and plan to make bunting to hang around the room, and am also reupholstering chair, but will probably stick with solid colored sheets, etc. However, if I had a spotted dog and found a some baby bedding with a spotted dog pulling a circus cart, I'm not sure wild horses could drag me away from pottery barn. I don't think I follow you on pinterest yet, so I can't wait to see all the cool ideas you have pinned!

KatiePerk said...

Sarah Sterling was in our room for the first 9 weeks. The only time we were in her room was to pick out her outfit and the occasional diaper change. My mother in law custom made all of our bedding. Because she is cool like that. Had she not done that I probably would have gone Target/PB Kids etc. I say go semi custom. Buy your bedding, and then do your own window treatment/gallery wall etc. to give it your designers flair!

Kelly said...

I was trying to find your email....but we had dinner at fishbones tonight and sat next to this wonderful couple... they told me their name and for some reason their last name sounded so familiar... it's because it's your last name and they must be your in-laws!!! They said their daughter in law had a blog and talked about design. It's you! small world!

Worthington said...

That Pottery Barn Baby blanket is so very cute! I love the dog and the circus theme. Really sweet!