Friday, February 17, 2012

It's all about the details.

 Some say the devil is in the details. I think those little pieces and parts can make or break a room. Without thought and careful planning these seemingly small elements create the polish that makes the room feel complete. Here are a few of my favorite details from recent projects!
{Photo taken by Kate Nisbet Designs}
By replacing a large traditional gold framed portrait with a grouping of four collected-while-traveling Asian fans simply framed in black and white makes a big impact above a chest in the dining room. The small amount of negative space that creates a cross shape allows the vibrant wall color to peek through and establishes the illusion that the frames are identical in size, when they are all just a teeny bit different. The dark frames hung in a grouping was "just the thing" the wall was asking for!

{Photo taken by Kate Nisbet Designs}
 Tailored "outside the box" flat pleat silk window panels with a teeny button detail perfectly frame the window & complete the French country feel of this dining room.

{Photo by Kate Nisbet Designs}
On the topic of tailoring, I'm a stickler. When cushions & pillows are perfectly crafted, they can take an area of hard surfaces, like this built in window seat, and make it cozy, warm, & inviting. By mixing pattern & texture within a monochromatic neutral color scheme, I added a little oomph to an often ignored space!

What is one of your favorite details you've seen recently?

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amanda said...

Do you mind sharing where you find your fabrics? I'm in Greensboro and hunting for a good brown to make panels for my living room. I love the quatrefoil and also the leaf pattern you used. I need something with a forgiving pattern for my novice sewing skills :)