Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiny Towel.

I have the luxury of being a member of a gym that is very close to my house. What does this mean in an addition to my tiny commute? Not having to tote my necessities to shower in the locker room (not that the locker room is bad. it's actually pretty nice.) I had a early meeting downtown this morning so I decided to give it a whirl. I packed up one of my new monogrammed boat & totes (got 5 for our wedding, lots pretty colors to choose from!) with my gear and off I went. Post work out I started to disrobe & cover myself with the gym-issued white towel. (Now here's some background. I'm 5'8" tall & wear a size 6 or 8. I'm pretty average sized in my opinion.) You would have thought I was the size of Sky from American Gladiators with the size of this TINY TOWEL. (Malibu was totally my favorite. Shameless admittal.)
Perhaps I've been spoiled by my fabulous new wedding towels.
Perhaps I'm a towel snob. Is it so much to ask that a girl's able to make it to the shower without getting a little cheeky gym ownership? Methinksnot.

Writers Note to Self: Bring towel nextime.

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Princess Freckles said...

The towels at my gym are teeny tiny too! I've never showered there because I feel like I'd have to pack 1/2 my life, including a normal sized towel. There is a steam room and sauna though, so maybe I should give it a try?