Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In a month ...

In about a month you will find us here:

Visitng lots of these:
We'll be generally enjoying life and our 3-month-delayed honeymoon.
Now here's your part:
Been to Northern California? Have a favorite restaurnt/dive/hotspot you recommend? Is there a favorite winery tour that should be on our "must taste" list?
Got any other great tips?
We are open to any and all suggestions, will be there a week, and will be splitting our time between Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, & the Russian River Valley.


suburban prep said...

the site http://www.sonoma.com/ is quite the help.
If you want a nice place to stay go to the Sonoma Mission Inn.
If going to Santa Rosa there are a number of places.
I would suggest going to Kozlowski farms in the Sonoma County. They have wonderful produce and jams. http://www.kozlowskifarms.com/

Also I would go to Korbel on the Russian River Rd.
In Napa county there is St Helana and they have some outlets there as well. In Calistoga there is Sterling Vineyards which looks like a Greek compound.
There is always the big name wineries but each time I have gone I prefer the smaller guys.
I like the Chateau Souverain in Geyerserville. There is Sonoma-Cutrer in Windsor.
Like the wineries I like the little eateries. But there is a cute little shopping in Yountville called Vintage 1870.
Have a grand time.

Tasha said...

How wonderful! I haven't been to any of the California wineries but have always wanted to go! The San Francisco area is very pretty if you get a chance to visit while you're so close. Have fun!!!

Dollface said...

Love Napa and loved Santa Barbara for wine tasting... also, did I miss your wedding!!! Do you have pics?? xxxoo

Miss Sweet Tea said...

If you like craft beer, go to Russian River Brewing Co. It's a casual, relaxed place with great beer and food!

Laura said...

How exciting. You are going to one of my favorite regions ever. I hope you have the best honeymoon!
Mustard Grill on St. Helena Hwy in Napa is absolutely delicious. It's a classic Napa restaurant will local/ farm fresh ingredients. You will not be disappointed.
Gott's Roadside is the spot for burgers/ and the most delicious onion rings. There is one next to Oxbow Market in Napa (another great foodie place to check out), as well as the original drive up location in St. Helena. (It was on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives.)
As far as wineries- you really can't go wrong. If you make it up to the Russian River Valley (strongly recommend the whole Healdsburg area) Ferrari-Carano is a favorite of mine.
Most of all just enjoy, relax, explore... half the fun is the adventure and discovering new spots along the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, talk about delayed gratification being enhanced gratification, this is definitely going to be in that category. Santa Barbara is delightful, but when it comes to the wineries, I can't offer any help, we never did that part of a trip, perhaps some day we will!

Anonymous said...

you MUST go here:


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Goodness that will be such a wonderful trip! We haven't been there yet but it's on our top five list. Enjoy!

Jessi said...

We went to Sonoma/RRV in February. Here are the links to a couple posts....



We have previously been to Napa as well. There you should try Duckhorn (very pretty) and Copolla.

Have a wonderful time!!

South in the Mouth said...
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South in the Mouth said...

Peju and Cakebread vineyards! Coppola is pretty to look at but their wines weren't very good.

McV said...

Definitely check out food blogger Jenna at Eat, Live, Run, she has a great page on her recommendations for Northern California.