Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reason #1,084,642 why I heart fall...

Pumpkining (It's my blog, I'll make up words if I want to.)
State Fair Going
On the last day of the fair we finally found the time to take a break and enjoy the fabulousness that is the NC State Fair. Now you see I am not a fan of crowds but for one day of each year: fair day. There is no better place to people watch whilst eating a deep fried candy bar (yes, I tried a milky-way) whilst mullet hunting (best venue ever. aggressive level was red alert) whilst listening to the sweet sounds of the demolition derby roaring above twangs of blue grass, whilst taking in a pumpkin so large that if you put it on rims, Cinderella would certainly ride in style, whilst ogling the baby pigs, goats, cows, chicks, ducks, etc.
Reason #1,084,643 why my husband hearts the State Fair: the other white meat.
Porkfest 2010

Pork #1: Country Ham Biscuit

Pork #2 & #3 aka "Look mom, 2 hands!"
BBQ Sandwich & Red Hotdog (gag)

Must take a break for our greens you know ...
(Not pictured: Pork #4 Liver Pudding sample)

Pork #5: Deep Fried Pork Chop (on a stick, naturally)

Now that we've officially blown our caloric & sodium intakes for the year, it's time for a ride on the Ferris wheel!

Records were broken, over 1,000,000 fair goers this year!

We even won a new "friend" for Pete ... a monster!


Miss Wendy said...

I love State Fairs. Ours is held every February. I can't wait to go this year...

Dollface said...

Um hi!! did you have your wedding yet??? How is everything going doll? xxxoo

Dale Parker said...

Ya'll are just so cute together. Tell T. that's good thing.

Kim said...

That is some serious pork love. I have never seen a red hot dog before, and it's a little scary.

CAC muffin said...

Oh man I have always wanted to go to the state fair but it always feels so far away :( one year I'm going to make it over there!!!

thepreppyprincess said...

You are just the cutest couple, I love the pictures, and Pete's new toy! (I so want a deep-fried candy bar, it is just sick.)

Sending you a smile Miss BITP,