Saturday, June 19, 2010

Three Cheers for Yummy Food & Grainy Cell Phone Photos!

The Badger and I have been members of a supper club for several years now. The dynamic has changed a bit over the years, it started out with mostly dating couples with large dinners, morphed into a smaller group of mostly married folks, and is now living life as a mostly appetizer & cocktail Sunday afternoon with 3 babies and another due next month! It was our turn to host and naturally the weather was hot. Our plan for a picnic in the park was derailed by forecast thunderstorms & temps nearing the triple digits and was moved into my condo.

{my favorite summer meal: fresh tomato, basil, & mozzarella on a baguette + the beautiful pink peony napkins that were an engagement gift from KP complete with an adorable acrylic holder sporting our new last name!}
I came up with ideas that would not heat up my kitchen as we were going to have 9 people & 2 new-borns in my 800 square feet!

{Currently LOVING trays. I found this aqua + gold one at an estate sale last summer.}
{Is there anything more perfect than sangria with fresh fruit? I think not!}

{Prosciutto, Pancetta, + Cheddar}

{Cheese, cheese, & more cheese!}


Kristen @ said...

ooo yummy!!

Tasha said...

Everything looks lovely! Your friends will enjoy all of those goodies! The sangria looks delicious!

The Mrs. said...

Have to do a cooking club. Keep saying I'm gonna do it!

RaleighEM said...

im impressed! your party turned out much more adult than my bridal shower this weekend! photos to come.

Anonymous said...

Hi there from Australia!

I found my way to your blog through my travels and I wanted to leave some love to say I really enjoyed your posts :)

From Stacie (and 4yr old Kaleb) at
at 'Happiness'