Thursday, June 10, 2010

I spy a commuter.

Every day my Volvo hits the highway on about a 35 minute one-way commute to my place of work. It's gotten to be pretty routine and I've come to like the quiet-to-my-self time, jam-out-to-Gaga-time, listen-to-books-on-tape-time (almost finished with Eat, Pray, Love), & of course, I play a lot of solo I spy.

I've spied all sorts of random things along the side of the highway. I've seen a plethora of solo shoes (don't you miss those?), a toddler booster seat (frightening), a sofa, and even one time a full bathroom vanity complete with a silver faucet. (perhaps they thought they needed a new one from CSN Stores) Didn't you notice it fell out of the back of your truck? Seriously folks.

Speaking of trucks. This little baby sported a fantastic bumper sticker my grainy stop-light-taking cell phone image did not pick up on. "I break for Boiled P-Nuts" me too mister, me too.

Another favorite spotting? The Subaru Brat. Its a vehicle with an identity crisis. Is it a car? Is it a truck? Who knows, but I surely think it is a party on wheels.

Can't tell what that is hanging out on a ledge on a bridge overpass on one of America's busiest highways the runs from the Atlantic to the Pacific? Why it's just a 2 foot tall concrete bear sporting a fishing hat leaning on a shovel. (If you live in the triangle area email me and I'll tell you where to spot this furry creature.) That must have been left by a commuter with a sense of humor.

One of my least favorite spottings: traffic jams & lane closures. Particularly after 9pm when I'm oh so ready to be home. Lame.

It's the little things that make life interesting ... you just have to keep your eyes open!


Katie said...

hahha! I've definitely seen the little bear statue guy too and about sprained my neck turning back to see what the heck it was! now I'm on a mission to find the man who breaks for boiled p-nuts...priceless!!! - KTH

Tasha said...

Too funny! I love the randomness of things on the highway!

All Things Cherish said...

Ha, this post made me laugh! Have a good weekend!