Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving Right Along ...

I apologize for the un-planned break in posting … on the positive it did give you plenty of time to contemplate the re-birth of the bowl haircut ushered in my Mr. Chad & Mr. Beib(er). Moving right along …

Life has been hectic. My up-and-down with no regular work schedule was starting to get to me. Luckily my boss is pretty amazing and we sat down and remedied the situation. Starting next week I’ll have a little more order to my retail hour chaos.

Wedding planning is going swimmingly (next up cake & food .. yay!). I’m at the moment trying to schedule portraits, hair, & make-up on a day that works with said above crazy schedule & works with Mother Nature’s weather schedule (and my expecting photographer!) I’m pretty excited about it … just need to finalize a few accessories and we’ll be good to go! Any tips for portraits or things you wish you did with yours?

I was turbo busy and didn’t get around to my favorite post of the year last week: CINCO DE PETER-DOG! (Don’t worry, I have the morning off tomorrow and there will be shameless photos of the furry spotted beast posted by his proud mama.)

If I could ask for your good thoughts and prayers too … The Badger has been interviewing for a pretty fantastic position. We have been dealing with a lot recently on the front of an ailing&failing parent and we could really use a boost!

Springtime has just flown by and I’m not so sure where it went. I’ve got my 5 year college reunion on the horizon this weekend. I am SO EXCITED to catch up with the fabulous ladies I graduated with 5 years ago Saturday. The following weekend my sister graduates from high school. I can’t wait to be a proud sister at the ceremony I once participated in nearly 9 years to the day. We are then headed to The Redneck Rivera (Myrtle Beach) for a wedding Memorial Day weekend. I hope to have my camera fixed for some excellent “photo-sniping” to share!

Happy Tuesday Lovelies!


Piper Jacquelyn said...

Everything sounds fun - even the potentially stressful wedding stuff! Make sure you definitely make some YOU time happen so you don't get too overwhelmed - have a great week!

And oh lord, those haircuts.

DC GOP Girl said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear wedding planning is going well -- how very exciting.