Monday, May 3, 2010

inspiration strikes: the chad vs. the bieb (er)

Just like that, I admit I'm blog-blocked and BAM, inspiration, courtesy of The Preppy Princess.
I called it out back in 2008 but it just wont go away.
The bowl haircut.
Chad still thinks he's the man to rock it out.
So does this little Justin (who I refuse to type his name for fear of throngs of screaming teeny boppers (and frightening women) commenting on my blog)
Little boys with "the bowl," adorable. Grown men, notsomuch.
I just don't get it. (Nor have I caught the beib(er) fever.)


Anonymous said...

Thank heaven I am not alone in being baffled by this one... it is just so weird looking!

Smiles at you Miss Barefoot Bird!

Nat said...

Little boys with bowl cuts- adorable
Grown men with bowl cuts- not cute

I don't get it either!

Jennifer Sanderson said...

I think this haircut is ridiculous -the stylist that thought this one up should be shot-...and it just wont go away. Sooooo glad someone said it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiki said...

i've been feeling like a creep searching the web for the perfect pic of the "bieber-fever" haircut to take to the stylist. my 5 y.o. son is getting the cut this week, but more taken off the sides. chad rubs me the wrong way. still not sure why victoria {i think that's her name} put up with him!?! take care.

LuvRedandWhite said...

I don't think I'll ever catch Bieber fever!

Happy Tuesday, love :)

RaleighEM said...

My 12 year old sister loves the Bieb. She has tickets to his concert and writes things on her facebook like "OMG July2010 JB Concert. LUV HIM 4EVER!" It grosses me out. He's too pretty, in a fruity kinda way.

And Million Dollar Listing is a not supposed to be hilarious way.

CAC muffin said...

agreed! bowls cuts little boys= cute grown men = no no no

Pink Martini said...

Didn't the guy from the high school musical have one too? Oh gosh, what is his name? Pretty blue eyes with eye lashes to die for. Typical - on a guy. ;)

Saw your comment on Hopsy's blog about the WS white porcelain line. It is my personal favorite. I have had their serving pieces for years with no chips or cracks. I am gearing up to purchase the dinnerware. I feel like I'm intentionally looking for cracks in my Pottery Barn line. :) xoxo

Kristin said...

OMG...someone else that watches Million Dollar Listing? The hubs and I are obsessed. And it cracks me up the time that Chad spends on that "do!"