Friday, July 17, 2009

The Friday Five

1. Lack of rewarding existing and good customers this day and age really bugs me. I feel like if you've been a customer for years and pay your bill on time every month you should be recognized for doing the right thing. My first encounter with this peeve was several years ago and my gym membership. I joined a downtown locally owned gym with a rate of $39/month. After 4 years of membership the gym was sold to a gym conglomerate and were advertising rates as low as $14.99/month (I researched to find it was legit as I had friends paying that rate.) The lower rate caused the gym to become over-crowded and lost the atmosphere I enjoyed from the previous management. I went to the desk and asked why my rate was more than twice of what my friends were paying for the same service, and suggested that the new rate should be what I pay each month. I was told the only way to get the new rate was to quit my previous membership, wait a day, and rejoin (paying a "new member fee.") Boy was I peeved and promptly quit. I was recently faced with this again when I was trying to save money by bundling my cable service. I had to cancel my previous service, and then start a new service to get the bundle rate. (Only this time I gave into the man because I was going to get so much more for a lower monthly rate than I was paying before.) What happened to rewarding loyalty?

2. My new cable service allows me to join the civilized masses and I now have a DVR. (Yes I now agree, as sad as it may sound, it is a life changing invention.) My additional channels have allowed me to rekindle my love of the travel channel and watch Alton Brown whenever I please. (Did you know artichokes are a member of the thistle family? I sure didn't and artichokes are practically my favorite food since I was four.) (True story: My pediatrician asked at my five year old check up what my favorite food was. Answer: Mac & Cheese. He then asked if I ate any veggies and what my favorite was. Answer: Artichokes. He said in his many years of practice no child ever said artichoke but me. ever.)

3. I think you do your dog just as much a disservice if you do not socialize them as if you didn't teach them to sit. It's not ok when a 5 pound Yorkie goes nuts every time it sees a dog and trys to attack my docile big dog while passing you leashed.

4. I recently got to try Cover Girl's new Outlast Lipstain from a Bzz Campaign. Don't know what Bzz is? Its a word of mouth marketing company. You can sign up to be an agent for free, they will ask you a series of questions and then, when the right campaign arises, will send you products to try and review. Click here to find out more. I really enjoyed the lipstain in Berry Smooch. It gave me just enough color without being too bold. It has a flat finish so I was able to put my favorite lip balm on top for just the right everyday look! Interested in trying it yourself? I have coupons and will be happy to mail one to you. Just drop me an email with your address.

5. I recently got pretty irritated by a local radio DJ when he was talking about Jessica Simpson's recent split with Tony Romo. He point blank said the reason they broke up was that she was ready to get married and have kids because "her clock was ticking" and he wasn't. Not only did this make me mad for the obvious reasons but saying that a young woman's clock is ticking at 27? POPPYCOCK!


CTB said...

That deal with the gym would have made me livid! How rude!

Dollface said...

Artichokes.. this is hilarious! xxxoo

Allison said...

love the lipstain and saw that episdoe of alton, too!

Denim and Pearls said...

Secret -- I have no DVR. We had one in the sorority house and then in my apartment, but when I got the house, I decided I didn't need the expense. People marvel how I survive!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Radio djs are gross. That's all I have to say about that. And I LOVE the CG stains - they are great. And ps, I'm jealous of your dvr!

Pug1 said...

I like your blog! CHEERS! Michele