Thursday, November 27, 2008

Guest Blogger: The Badger on Holiday Gifts

In honor of Black Friday, I have posted The Badger's monthly guest post a few days early. Enjoy!

The bird always asks me what I want, I never know what to tell her. I always end up telling her to get me things that I need, which I always do enjoy. If some of you are caught between a similar rock and a hard place I will try and help you out by telling you some of the best things my friends and I enjoy!

For the outdoorsman: Membership in Ducks Unlimited or CCA, or another outdoor sporting organization and tickets to the banquet (they all have them)

For the absolutely ridiculous: onesie -

For the cook: Good Knife

Home Improvement Guy: Pictures of 2 power tools which he will choose which one he wants... that way you wont have to worry about getting him a power tool he does not want or need

For the drinker: A top shelf bourbon - Bookers or Elijah Craig 18yr are my favorites

For the gadget lover: Weather Station

For the Car Guy: Don't give him anything car related unless he tells you... reference the rest of the list

For the neat freak: Roomba

For the sports fan: tickets to a game against a rival with GOOD seats

For the redneck: Confederate flag Bikini for you to wear for them

For "Urban Culture" guy: Sub woofer and amp for the car

For the Metro sexual: Designer jeans

For the intellectual: I don't know they are smarter than me...

For the reader: Tom Clancy, any of them, in hardback... they look nice when we are done reading them

For the history buff: 1776, great book

For the Traveller: Noise cancelling headphones, they really are awesome

BBQ Guy: A sampling of bbq sauces

If you notice I have left consumer electronics off of the list, except for urban guy. This is because these always work as gifts. But be careful, we are sometimes picky about how much power, pixels and/or memory our gadgets have and what brand they are. Just remember the general rule of thumb regarding this, the bigger the better. Do a little research, read a popular science magazine, and you should be just fine. Keep a gift receipt just in case though... and don't be offended if we use it.

This concludes the general men's list to Santa. Hopefully I have triggered your brains and made Christmas shopping for the y chromosomes in your life a little easier.


Anonymous said...

love the pj's katie!

Well I Do Declare said...

Very insightful. I especially like: "For the redneck: Confederate flag Bikini for you to wear for them"

The Roaming Southerner said...

Great list!!! I agree with WIDD...the best is the redneck gift. BTW. did not realize how many different types of guys there are...thanks badger!