Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Great Shampoo Debate.

Salon quality without paying the salon price? Does that really exist? If you took a gander in my shower on any typical day you'd see at least 2 pairs of different shampoo/conditioner combos. Most recently I tried Target's take on Panteen Pro-V & something "British" I found at Walgreens. Due to the FAA's cute little fly with nothing over 3oz rule, I traveled to NYC sans hair care products hoping to mooch off my old college roommate.

I was excited to discover a virtual Bumble & Bumble salon full of products in her tub. I fell in love with gentle shampoo, super-rich conditioner, and tonic to finish. I have never been able to "blow and go" ... and I did. Now maybe its that magical NYC water (snark, snark) or just a combo of the three... but I was amazed even on morning deux, my coif still looked fantastic!

While paying close to $5 for a gallon of gas it makes it seem a bit outlandish to spend $25 on shampoo ... but when it cuts down morning "styling" time, and you can get by with a wash every other day ... is it worth it?

Weigh in with your choices AND if you have found other products similar but for less dough!


Well I Do Declare said...

I love B&B products! They are a little out of my price range, but still love them. THey have a spray wax which is amazing in this NC humidity!

My gmail is acting up, but my email response is coming soon :P

Butterfly in the Wolfpack said...

I heart Bumble and Bumble. They're actually pricer than a lot of other salon brands though. I'll buy them every once in awhile (Jolie in Cameron Village carries them). Otherwise, I mix the nice stuff (I tend towards Aveda) with the cheap stuff I can get from the grocery store.

It looks crazy that I have a ton of products in the shower, but if I mix up the pricey/cheap stuff, I can legitimize the costs in my head ;)

Vineyard Vogue said...

Love Bumble & Bumble. I use the "straight" gel and am never disappointed!

Thanks for the tag! I'll post tonight or tomorrow!

SassySouth said...

I need to try these. I've heard great things, but never wanted to spend that much for the same old results, but I keep hearing more and more about B&B! Thanks for the tip!

TAG said...

As someone who has lived in Florida, Texas, and currently NYC, I can tell you with confidence that the water here is FAR from magical. I use B&b Alojoba Shampoo & Conditioner, and the Does It All spray is AMAZING. Hands down. I get my hair done at the B&b salons here as well. It's worth the pretty pennies!

Lauren said...

I am a big fan of salon haircare products. My hair behaves so much better when I use higher quality products. My hairdresser says the difference is the type of ingredients a salon brand contains. She said drugstore brands use cheaper ingredients that are not as good for your hair.

Anonymous said...

It's always good to know when it IS worth spending more on products, especially hair care - I'm always more reticent to spend more on it (than skincare) for some reason! I can't remember the last time I bought an expensive hair product - I'm using DOVE at the moment, it costs pennies and it's pretty good!

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

I use the bumble and bumble does it all spray, and the styling lotion during a blowdry. i must say theyre amazing. i use aveda shampure which is a lllllot cheaper and still fabulous. but it can be drying so it mix it with the nexxus therappe and you can blow and go!

the only bad thing about grocery store shampoo is that they use wax as a filler, and it can cause buildup and hurt color.