Monday, March 3, 2008

Flip! (One of the few NASCAR posts you'll ever see)

BF is a nascar fan. A group of his old fraternity brothers usually rent an RV (ewww) to "relive the glory days" every May at the Coca Cola 600. I happily head to the coast with Pete. Well when the BF and I started dating almost two years ago I, naturally, needed to spark a glimmer of interest in what I had always thought to be as rednecks making left turns for hours.

Flash forward. I'm sorta hooked! Now you wont find me on glued to the tube for 4 hours every Sunday afternoon from February til November. And you won't hear me listening to the post race commentary (hello its OV-AH. Move on with your day!) When the BF declared that I needed to have "a driver," I had some tough decisions to make. Casey Kahne (he is pretty cute)? The Dale Jr. bandwagon? Reed Sorensen, the Target driver (duh. Its Target, the store where I can spend hours!)? I found that I "flipped" for just one. I am excited for his win yesterday at Vegas! Congrats to Carl Edwards!


kristy said...

oh, i am a HUGE carl edwards fan ... never thought i'd be a nascar girl but i so am. i even got to meet him at fall in charlotte.

workinthatpreppy said...

too funny because i consider my family to be ultra conservative and my hubby is the biggest nascar is my preppy 15 year old and now...guess who just joined the office pool? no, not me, but my 8 year old. i think hubby likes looking at the babes on these mens arms!