Monday, April 7, 2014

Big Weekend Plans? HA.

I count my blessings every Saturday that I am not a golf or hunting widow. I feel incredibly lucky this super rainy (yay wash away pollen) Monday morning that a solo weekend away isn't a regular occurrence for my husband. Twas the weekend with all sorts of fun mom & little guy adventures that wasn't. 

It started on a major high note. Thursday afternoon, prior to T's departure, I had a haircut & color appointment scheduled. You see, this is a REAL TREAT for me as when I sat down to schedule said appointment, I realized this hadn't happened since last June. Holy long hair batman. I was feeling a little sore & kinda off, but chalked it up to allergy season (and I had a killer high intensity work out the night before.) I walked into the salon and my husband (of the year) had a surprise in store for me; he arranged a mani-pedi along with my hair. I had a Coke Classic over pellet ice & a little pampering for the first time in 10 months. Holy moly did I feel like a million bucks.  

{hot pink nails make everything better}

{pre-dad leaving dinner. baby's first queso. i'd say he's a fan.}

I started feeling a little off again once the sheer glee of feeling like a celeb wore off but still thought nothing of it. I awoke middle of the night with a low-grade fever, just enough of one to make you feel like gum on the bottom of your shoe. I send husband off to Savannah for the weekend thinking it will be 24 hours and I'll be fine. HA said the virus. 

{snuggles all around whilst breaking "no tv until your 2" with daniel tiger.}

{mom, come on. get out of bed.}

{no rest for mom. we have a climber & a dare devil on our hands.}

Instead of parks trips & fun outings we had mom on the couch. And mom on the floor. And mom attempting to rally and failing. Luckily Advil & early bedtime became my BFF and we made it through our solo weekend. I even started to rally Sunday afternoon enough for a trip to the garden center & subsequent herb garden planting. I fought the funk & the funk one. But luckily only for a few days. After all, moms aren't allowed to get sick right?

{big time digging}

{wine box garden 2.0 ... with herbs!}

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KatiePerk said...

Oh no! I am so sorry. That has happened to us and it is the pits. I hope you are feeling better. He is just so darn cute. The queso picture makes me happy. That was so thoughtful of your husband!