Friday, February 7, 2014

The unfortunate odor.

I have oh so much to be thankful for in general but today I am thankful for a home warranty. I noticed a slight back-up issue in my basement laundry sink last week but thought nothing of it at the time. I bounded down the stairs yesterday morning pre-exercise class with a basket full of dirties to be washed while I was out. One of the things I was jazz-hands excited for in our new house was a basement (still needing finishing but that's neither here nor there) laundry room. Complete with a deep laundry sink. I even got a fancy new HE high capacity washer/dryer duo I thought I could conquer the boy-mom laundry load with in a snap. Theoretical laundry nirvana for a cloth diapering mom. (Geeking out over laundry? WHO-AM-I?)

Anywhoover, I was greeted at the bottom of my stairs with a terrible smell. I was TERROR-STRICKEN (YES! I DID IT! I USED MY VERY FAVORITE 3RD GRADE SPELLING WORD IN A SENTENCE!) There was some sort of creature-from-the-black-lagoon like gunk hanging out in my laundry sink. I really have no words to describe it. I tried all my best un-trained plumber techniques including plunging while burying my nose in a sweatshirt & gagging. I skipped exercise class, and fought the sludge during an entire morning nap time. My efforts were fruitless. The sludge won. 

Thankfully I had 2 cards up my sleeve: 1. home warranty is sending out a real (hopefully non-gagging variety) plumber this morning. AND 2. I popped in my very favorite florist/gift shop on the way to check my PO box and picked up this lovely. 

It smells amazingly fresh & light. Very un-sludge like. I am one picky person when it comes to scented anything and this gets two thumbs up. So for now, we wait for that super annoying time-window for my own personal super-hero to arrive with his bag of tricks to conquer the monster living in my laundry sink.  And we leave my fancy-schmancy DIY dutch basement door in the closed & locked position until all sludge beasts are slain. 

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Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Oh yuck, that is NO fun! I'm like you on smells, very picky. Husband made me that way as he declared just after we got married to not use anything "laundry smelling" or he'll never be able to get it out of his nose. Thus the sensitive nose of mine. Not to mention, do you know how hard it is to not get a laundry smell when DOING laundry? It's challenging (he basically meant anything with a cotton smell). Nevertheless, I'm sure those smells are still a million times better than that horrid sludge smell. I hope you get that resolved asap! xoxo