Monday, November 11, 2013

My State Rocks: a tale of TV & delishous-ness

Have you checked out A Chef's Life yet on PBS? NO? Sit yourself in front of your tv or your Roku or iPad loaded with the PBS App now (or your next free moment, err, well several hours really.)

Tune in, sit back, and enjoy. WELCOME TO MY STATE, and all the flavors it has to offer. The catchy Avett Brother intro signals the shows start immediately transports you to North Carolina. Chef Vivian & her soothing cadence & wonderful descriptions make the ingredients & dishes jump off the screen into your home. I love, appreciate, & celebrate her use of local & regional ingredients, sometimes in a unique & push-your-boundaries way. I have yet to travel "down east," as locals like to say, to try Chef & The Farmer, but it's high on my list (& the list of my grandmother-in-law who lives nearby.)

It's no secret our household is food centric. My husband & I love to cook all sorts of things, and there is rarely a dish we won't attempt (hey, there is always Chinese takeout if it fails!) I honestly believe that what makes the difference between a good meal & a great meal is what goes into it. We are so lucky to live where we have access to farm fresh & have found some local favorite sources we stock our pantry fridge, & deep freeze with.

I've decided this week on BitP shall celebrate my favorite local sources for ingredients, a la chef Vivian. I look forward to sharing my favorite seafood, meat, goat cheese, & tomato sauce sources with you this week!

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KatiePerk said...

I am obsessed with this show. It makes me proud of NC! I think the show is really well done and I would like to try out her restaurant. Which was your favorite? We made boiled peanuts 2 times this week, because of that episode.