Thursday, September 26, 2013

What does The Fox say? {#Think/Able}

{inspiring reminder hangs on the fridge holding up our meal plan}

Our challenges don't define us. Our actions do.

I'll be watching Michael J. Fox's return to TV tonight, will you watch with me?

I'm inspired by his can-do attitude. His optimism is infectious. His determination is incredible.

My hope is that his return to TV shines a light & aids in the fight of a Parkinsons Disease.  A disease that means so much to my family.
I am bursting with pride at my little sister & her college friends. They are traveling for fall break to walk in "Stamp out Parkinson's 2013." They are walking in honor of our Dad. They are walking in honor of 2 other Dads fighting the disease too. Would you consider watching with me tonight & donating to her team, "because dad said so" ? {Enter that clever team name in the box to donate!}

Ford is going to rock this super cute fox shirt today to support the cause.
Click here to learn more about the #think/able campaign & The Michael J Fox Foundation.

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