Monday, February 13, 2012

To Kelly, With Love.

I must admit every since the fashionable Mrs. Kate Spade first used a pop of kelly green in her handbag collection years ago I've been smitten. I've loved seeing the color used in a variety of combinations and ways. Tobi Fairley recently paired it with a warm creamy gold tone and created a sophisticated, welcoming, and cheery look that can transcend any style! 

Thinking a little outside the box... a bold pop of a kelly green lamp paired with a warm golden rattan console table still gives you the same complement as the room above on a smaller scale.

You can even introduce pops in mostly neutral rooms The golden grass cloth on the walls creates texture, while the solid pillows on a solid couch ground and give punch. The leaf artwork on a white background mimics the high contrast also seen below

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

Throw pillows, accessories, & lamps add the bold punch this room craved, and can easily be changed seasonally, or when the mood strikes you!

What colors are you crazy for these days?


garden state prep said...

I adore those chairs in the first photo!

Annapolitan in Raleigh said...

I am just not a color person. Im not sure why, but Ive been like this since my early 20's. Maybe because my aunt was an interior decorator and our house in the 70's was QUITE a sight! I love my neutrals: black, white, ivory, grey, chocolate, silver, pearl, etc.

Princess Freckles said...

I hope to one day decorate with more color. I'd love a white and kelly green dining room with light pink accents. We'll see if my husband approves of these plans. He might not get a vote!

Nat said...

I'm a neutral girl all the way when it comes to home decor but if I do use color it's usually very subtle, I'm trying to incorporate it more! I do love kelly green though in clothes and accessories!

Anonymous said...

That makes me wish I'd used green more in the house - and I haven't used any! I've been using warm red tartans over winter, and some teal in other rooms, but I'm ready for a change!