Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{ColorLove} | Tango Tangerine

Don't want to commit to the color? How about introducing it in art? I love the muted color palette in the above room that is offset by a large bold painting!

Source: cococozy.com via Kate on Pinterest

Just a punch of color, that's all you need!

Source: flickr.com via Kate on Pinterest

Want to make a statement? Why not paint your front door! A bold color makes a big impact with minimal investment, and is very inviting. Wouldn't you like to visit this house?

Tango Tangerine: It's the "it" color for 2012. It's bold, cheerful, and reminds me of sunset. I must admit, I've been a fan for years. You can find the color accented through my home on a chair, in artwork, or even the inside of my flip-front desk. Pantone describes the color as, "a spirited reddish-orange that continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward." I couldn't agree more. Are you a fan of the color of the year?

{I apologize for the funky alignment, blogger is giving me fits!}

1st Photo Above:
1. "Maggie" Wallpaper from Madison + Grow
2. Hermes orange buffet spotted at an antique shop. I hope to find this a home with a client. It. Is. FAB.
3. A peek of orange on the shelf above my desk.
4. Tango Tangerine hints pop through on a scheme I'm working on for my house. If you look closely, you'll even see the it-color popping through on my desk!


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