Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mannnnnnnny, Diiiiiiiiiner.

Imagine I said that in my bery best Gloria (from Modern Family) voice, mmmmkay?
My latin accent is just about as horrible as my salsa dance moves as illustrated in my zumba class this week. (That is a whole different post.)

We celebrate MF and it's hilarity on Wednesday evenings in our household so I channeled my inner Gloria and made sweet corn & bacon empanadas. And they were delish. Want to try them yourself?

Sweet Corn & Bacon Empanadas
{Her photos are way better than mine}

Since Gloria is my 2nd favorite character on tv next to Ron Swanson of Parks and Rec, what should tonight's dinner be in his honor..breakfast buffet?


Mary Loyal said...

yum! i have pinned this... also, love the gloria impersonation.. can totally see that happening :)

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

Either that or an all meat dinner! LOL! Love that show!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Yummy these look delicious!

DSS said...

These look absolutely delish! I just clicked through and printed out the recipe. Can't wait to test them :)