Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Conspiracy Theory.

Our home internet has been on the fritz since Saturday. It went out. We scheduled an appointment to repair. It magically came back on. Appointment canceled. It went out again and still wasn't fixed after switching out the modem. Here's hoping the repairman will actually show up this evening and fix it OR we might be parking ourselves at our favorite local coffee shop for so re-connection this evening. Bonus discovery? They have the best pumpkin spice lattes around (better and less expensive than the Sbux because they home-make their pumpkin syrup!) Even better discovery? They have Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale on draft and some delish looking whoopie pies in their case. Despite feeling a bit disconnected & unable to do some design work & blogging it hasn't been that much of a pain to be disconnected for a few days. I mean there was always my blackberry.

And then the epic fail occurred: blackberry service is on the fritz worldwide. Until I read this story, I swore up and down that there was an internet conspiracy against us. Conspiracy I say.

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