Sunday, October 2, 2011

A 1st on the 2nd.

You always hear the cliche that time flies when you're having fun ... but there is truth in the phrase. I cannot believe that we celebrated our 1st anniversary today (and really the whole weekend!)

I was most excited to see how the cake fared for a year in the freezer! It couldn't have been more perfect on our wedding day...

... and was pretty darn good a year later!
{The Badger's favorite red-velvet was the topper!}

We enjoyed breaking out the wedding china, crystal, & sliver ...

... and event lit some candles.

Cheers to the first year, and all of our wonderful wedding memories!
{We danced the autumn night away to the always fabulous Part Time Party Time Band}

{I'm still IN LOVE with the flowers. I wish I could have them to brighten up my house every day. I am still beyond amazed at how beautifully they turned out!}



Sparkles to Many More!!

{My happy family sending us off with sparkles on our wedding day!}


KatiePerk said...

Cheers gorgeous!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!! It really did fly by! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Sarah O said...

How did you wrap your topper to keep it fresh in the freezer?

I'maNolaGirl said...

Happy anniversary! Your cake was gorgeous!!! I love that you broke out the fancy china to serve it.

I have the best memories from our first anniversary, and your post brought them all back!

Dollface said...

Happy anniversary!!!! Mine is on Sunday.. I forgot how close we are in dates!! we also had red velvet and I cannot wait to eat it... xo

Dale Parker said...

Yes, it was a most lovely day! We forgot to eat our cake the first anniversary so had it on the second one. Was still good!

CAC muffin said...

What a stunning cake!!! Andi just adore your flowers so beautiful