Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Epic Fail. Epic Win.

Last week there was no menu Sunday. We pretty much were creative & grazed most of the week. No time for cooking, no time for shopping, and I hated it. To top it off the one thing I did make was an epic fail. The past October issue of Food & Wine featured a few recipes from Batalli's Eataly. I've heard rave reviews from friends about this establishment so I thought why not give it a shot! I tackled Mixed Vegetable & Farro Soup. The picture looked yummy. Mine in the bowl straight from the pot looked yummy. The taste, blah and flavorless, a real shock! Have you tried this recipe? Any suggestions to jazz it up? I love the idea, just not the outcome.

With the extra farro from my epic fail I decided to try Cooking Light's version of Farroto with Greens & Parmesan and served it with Spicy Lemon Trout. I halfed the recipe but doubled the spinach & Parmesan cheese. Healthy and delish: epic win! If you're a risotto fan, I suggest you add it to your must-try list!


Belle on Heels said...

ooooh this looks SO yummy {the trout and farroto}! can't wait to try. bummer about the soup :( i HATE when that happens!

The Defunct Curator said...

You could try adding some protein to the soup, possibly spicy Italian sausage or a spicy kielbasa.

Pink, Green, and Southern said...

The second recipe looks fab. I might have to try that!!