Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fact: Winner #5

Fact: I left work before the sun completely set for the first time yesterday in about 3 weeks.
Fact: I'm sorry I didn't feel like posting a winner last night, as promised.
Fact: Many state drinks are milk.
Fact: The term ice cream sundae is from Illinois.
Fact: The SC state snack is a boiled p-nut. (yum)
Fact: I loved learning all about your state facts.
Fact: The winner's state was voted the happiest financial state in the nation & they invented kool-aid. (happier because of kool-aid? perhaps yes.)
Fact: The winner of the QA Designs state print is Piper Jacquelyn from Nebraska!

Congrats! Email me your info barefootbird {at}
Note: Winner has 1 week to contact me before another winner is drawn!
P.S. Back to normal posting tomorrow. Things to look forward to? "my dog ate my donation" & the best brownies ever. you're intrigued aren't you? Now I must go take off my leggings (boo, double boo) and go to work.


Suz said...

I loved that post and reading all the facts about the different states! I haven't been following too long, but you are already one of my favorite blogs! I gave you an award on my blog...

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Ha ha! I totally just clicked on your blog to read your facts & saw my name! How awesome! I'm so so so excited, thanks! I will email you right away!