Friday, February 25, 2011

April February Showers bring May March Flowers (part 1)

Rainy days don't get me down, especially when it's not a cold and rainy day (there's nothing worse, right?). Sure it's not as fun a drive as it is with the sunroof open on a sunny day, but there are things that nothing but the rain brings like knocking down of early pollen (my sinuses thank you rain clouds!) & the first peek of spring flowers.

When I was a child, I went to a pretty neat summer camp in the beautiful mountains of NC. Afternoon summer showers were an every other day occurrence and the counselors did a little "lemons into lemonade" action to tire out their bouncing off the screened in cabin walls campers make a rainy afternoon special. At the end of rest period an announcement was made that a "rain hike" would be forming instead of afternoon activities. You'd grab a raincoat & throw on your grubbiest of tennis-shoes and off you'd go into the rainy woods. For some reason I always seemed to notice things in a little more detail on a rainy day as opposed to a sunny one and ever since then, rainy days seem a little more special.

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