Saturday, February 5, 2011

And We Have Winners {giveaways #1 & #2}

You know those friends who brighten up a dreary week day? Who can come over with their dog in chili pepper pj's comfy clothes with a perfectly chilled adult beverage of choice, break & bake cookies, and their furry child just to hang for a little bit and have some laughs? Those are the best kind of friends in my mind. Those are the friends that you can just be around. Those friends to us are Phillip & Laura. You know what else those kind of friends will do? Help you pick a winner of some pretty killer blog giveaways (that both wives desperately wanted for themselves.) Don't worry, as promised, we randomly drew a winner!
So without further ramblings...

The winner of the Elizabeth McKay giveaway is:Princess Freckles from Her Highness of Cute!

Laura & I decided that we'd get creative with the next drawing for the EmersonMade clutch and see if the dogs could pick just one out of the red hat.

In went Pete's nose

... out came a HUGE PILE of entries.

Back into the hat they went...

...and out came:

Bella Broccoli from Make it Meaningful!

{Drawing results & certified by Harvey & Pete.}
Congratulations winners! Please email me with your contact information & I will send it to the wonderful companies! barefootbird {at}

Note: Winners must contact me within 5 days of announcement. If you don't, another winner will be selected!


Kelly V. said...

it's great to have friends like that :) congrats to the winners! quite jealous, but still hopeful for the other birthday-week giveaways :) enjoy the rest of the weekend!

DSS said...

Those are the best kinds of friends!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Congrats winners!

Bella Broccoli said...
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Bella Broccoli said...

AAAH! I'm so excited - this just made my whole week! Thank you Pete! :-)

Just sent you my info.