Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shopping Trip Fail.

For the past year my office has been in a mall which means when I am not working I want to be nowhere near this American mecca of consumerism, which means I'm a fan of shopping online {i sparkly heart Lands End Canvas, but that's another post.} As you cannot tell by the wedding photos below since my husband is a giant {6'8"}, I am 5'8" tall which means big red flashing warning signs go off when it comes to finding properly fitting pants. This statement makes me a dress & skirt kind of girl typically. But when you are climbing on and off of ladders & unpacking boxes at work, a girl needs pants.

Since I was working the evening and had a little extra time between meetings and work this morning {and our "summer that wont let go" decided to let go with COLD & RAIN}, I decided to teeny bop over to the mall to see what I could see at Belk (a Southern department store).

I browse the Belk brand sections and pick up a few pairs, then head to Michael Kors, Lilly, Ralph, & Theory. With my armload of 20 or so pair of black, grey, & brown pants surely one would fit. Nada. Nein. Nope. Each and every one was too this, too that ... I felt like Goldilocks lacking the bleach blonde hair.

Frustrated, flustered, & ready to give up I decided to give one last futile attempt and fall into the Gap. You see, GAP emailed me a happy little 20% off coupon purchased this morning so I thought I'd peruse to see if their so called "perfect pants" would hold up.

Not only was I greeted by a wall of black pants in all shapes & sizes, but also with the magic little letter "T" and "XT" attached to the numerical sizes. AHA! A corporation gets it ... tall people want to not have to only special order clothes!

I grab a handful of pants to try and a perky Gap girl hands me this:

After a double take I realize she handed me a 40% off coupon for any full priced item for use on any Thursday during the month of November.

I try on the curvy, the straight, & the magic pants. Jackpot. The talls are too long for me for flats but perfect for heels! A smile starts. I decide to try the "true straight" variety first since they are machine washable and they ring up, with tax, for $30. Double Jackpot.

Moral of the story: don't give up on the old standbys ... they might just surprise you.

Added bonus: I have 3 more 40% Thursday coupons for the rest of November!


Lisa said...

Totally unrelated, but still retail nonetheless... I was in Bailey's today and guess what I noticed on display! I'll post a pic tomorrow on the I <3 Retail facebook page :-)

garden state prep said...

Wow it sounds like you made out splendidly! I'm the same height as you so I completely understand how hard it is to find pants.

LuvRedandWhite said...

Pants are ridiculously hard to find! I find a good pair and wear them until they're threadbare. I'll have to keep the Gap in mind; I'm already a fan of their jeans :)

Have a great weekend, my sweet friend!

Heather said...

I didn't realize you were so tall from looking at your pictures. I'm so glad you found what you were looking for! Sometimes it can be hard. I could not find the perfect black cardigan at Belk just the other day, and it was driving me crazy.

At least I'm skinny said...

Reed-iculous makes fun of me because I call it "hudson belk" and apparently that is weird.

I am 5'9 so I completely understand your pants issue. I might have to fall into the gap myself because I'm probably going to need some new pants this winter.