Friday, August 13, 2010

5 Things Friday: Catch Up Edition

1. I listen to books on tape on my commute and just finished Elizabeth Gilbert's Committed. I really enjoyed hearing about her journey from marriage skeptic to happily married. Her writing is captivating and I highly suggest you pick it up (especially if you are on your own journey towards marriage!) I'm excited to see the movie version of Eat, Pray, Love soon too!

2. One week from today I'll be lowcountry bound with some of my favorite friends both old and new. I cannot wait to get away for a few days and relax!

3. The invitations are out and as of yesterday responses have started arriving. I promise to share some edited sneak peeks my pretty paper soon! (Have I mentioned how much I love stationary & paper? Complete & utter Leterpress Love.)

4. The badger and I decided recently that it would be a good idea to start organizing our lives together into one abode. This meant I'm back living with my parents until wedding time (just about 6 weeks away!) and he's in the process of moving into my previously single gal condo. I'm thankful my family was open to this option and that we had the opportunity to do this prior to the big day. The next few days off that aren't consumed with wedding details will mean closet & cabinet organization central!

5. I am loving the end-of-summer bounty that is sungold tomatoes, corn, & okra. nom, nom, nom.

I've noticed quite a few new readers & followers recently, welcome to my little piece of the interwebs! I'm happy you're here.


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I think I actually like Committed more than Eat, Pray, Love - glad you enjoyed it too!

Domestic Goddess said...

those tomatoes look amazing! good luck moving bf the wedding...thats what I did and it was so nice. alot less stress!

KatiePerk said...

Hooray for responses! I am too loving the end of summer veggies! How is it Mid-August already?

Kim said...

I just downloaded Eat, Pray, Love onto my iPad. I'm very excited to read it!

nanny said...

I am so happy to know that you like Committed and to see comments that followers liked it too. I haven't bought it because of reviews........I hate reviews!!! That's why I went to see EPL when the doors opened....didn't want reviews to sway me!!