Friday, July 9, 2010


{hiking on my birthday weekend | photo by the lovely laura. check out her blog for more!}

{light hearted summer reading. just finished Jen Lancaster's latest last night!}

{latest additions to my LEC Heritage Cardigan collection: soft fern & dark chocolate. if you haven't tried these yet you should especially since they are 30% off! while it may be a balmy 102 outside, my office remains at 67 all day, every day. cardigan to the rescue. bonus: sign up for ebates and you'll get 2% cash back on LE purchases!}

{not too happy with mom for waking him up from a morning nap, Pete is sporting his new Mascot collar CSN stores asked him to review}

{he gives it an A+. comfortable for hiking, chasing balls, & napping. he thinks it's pretty cool the people at CSN have a whole store dedicated to pet furniture, though he prefers to nap on mom's furniture.}

{new shower curtain a la target. brightens up the bath quite nicely if i do say so myself.}

{mission: since pete got to review a csn stores product they thought i should too.
i accepted and selected my other newest bathroom addition: a simple human trash can.
purpose: thwart pete from his paper shredding parties whilest i'm at work.
mission: accomplished.}



Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Awwww!!! Pete is such a cutie pie!!! I want to give him a great big hug!!! :)

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

All great stuff, love Pete and your darling shower curtain!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

oh pete! what a fab model you are!

i love the shower curtain and so wish i could go hiking with you!

love Jen L. too!

Mrs. Potts said...

What a great collar! I love when you post pictures of Pete.

You'll review the other books? They're ones that I've looked at before, but never picked up & I'll need some beach reads soon.

Happy Friday!

McV said...

I've never been able to get into Jane Green, but I do love Jen Lancaster. Do you read her blog? It's HILARIOUS!

Re: the cardigans? How do they fit? they look a little loose and like the sleeves are long. I hate to defect from LL Bean, but these cardigans are awfully cute.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

That first picture is so awesome, I love it! I wish I could hike - or walk without tripping, etc! Ha! Have a great weekend dear!

Lisa said...

Delta dog LOVES shredding stuff during the day too - glad to hear it doesn't just happen in our household!

Kelly said...

Pete! Love his name!! such a cutie!
I've been meaning to pick up a Lancaster book! Do you have a favorite?

Haven and Home said...

Love Pete's collar, he is so cute!

Christina said...

looove the shower curtain!