Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gifts & Groupon

We're back into the swing of regular life here after a brief coastal vacation and it seems that wedding planning has rushed into full gear! The invitations, napkins, & stationary arrived in a rather large box last week. I did a little jump of excitement and loved the way they turned out! We hit a highlight with a cake design & tasting session. Since then its been spread-sheet central to finalize the guest list and pull middle names out of folks. Under 4 months to go now!

I could use a little blog land help ... I want to go ahead and start working on the bridesmaids gifts. Do you have any suggestions for something you really liked or disliked? If anyone's gone the etsy route, do you have any favorite sellers? I want to give my girls something they'd really like as a small token for all they do. (I also have a 11 year old jr bmaid & a 2 year old flower girl that will need ideas too!)

On another note, I saw my daily groupon deal is $35 for $110 at Photobook America. Has anyone used this site before ... would it be good for wedding photos?

As always, many thanks to my readers. I love hearing your feedback & comments!


Kelly said...

Weddings are so much fun!!
I gave my each of my girls a different Vera Bradley piece, flip flops for dancing, and their jewelry.

The past two weddings I was in the gifts included the jewelry we wore in the wedding and one bride gave us a jewelry box from Pottery Barn.

I have heard some girls pay for the bridesmaids to get pedicures.

Oh, and for the groomsmen we gave them Coach money clips. We got a great deal on them at the coach outlet!
Good luck :)

Kelly said...

Ok, I just wrote a long post about gifts then it somehow got deleted.
quick version!
I gave my girls each a different piece of vera bradley (sm. make up bag, jewelry holder....), flip flops for dancing and the jewelry they wore in the wedding.
The Groomsmen got a Coach money clip. We just happen to find these for a great deal at the Coach outlet (maybe $35).

The past two weddings I was in, the bridesmaids received the jewelry we wore in the wedding.

I have heard of other brides treating the bridesmaids to a pedicure!

Good luck and most importantly, have fun!!

Dollface said...

I totally want a wedding post!!! I would love to see your progress thus far. I know your vision is going to be gorgeous!! xxxoo

Ellen said...

The flower girl is super excited, and just mentioned her "princess dress for Katie's wedding" yesterday. She can always be gifted for cheese :)

Katie said...

Some favorite b'maid gifts I've received are: silver monogrammed picture frame, really cute clutch purse (pink w/ rosette detail from jcrew!) to use at the wedding (and many times afterwards), or of course the classic gift certificate for mani/pedu for use before the wedding is always a treat. I know you'll find something fabulous, as always :) - KTH

Tasha said...

For my bridesmaids, I got them all Coach keychain skinny wallets and they seemed to like those a lot. We got the groomsmen Kenneth Cole wallets. (All were from outlets so we saved money and everyone was happy). I have been in weddings where we got jewelry to wear in the wedding so that's always a nice idea too. Good luck with all of your planning!