Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Attn Triangle Area Readers: Do you want to go to Margaritaville this Thursday night?

Do you want to look like these folks this Thursday night? (4/23/09)
Do I have the GIVEAWAY of the day for you! Loyal reader Tanya has generously offered me 2 tickets for Thursday night's Walnut Creek (I'm old school. I think it has another name now...) 8:30pm show to giveaway. It is guaranteed to be a good time! Unfortunately she has a work commitment and cannot use them.


To enter, please leave a comment here with your email address and your favorite Buffet song by 11am Wednesday (4/22/08). I will contact the winner via email and the tickets will need to be collected tomorrow from Glenwood South area. (you can also email me entries: barefootbird@gmail.com)

Best of Luck!!


Candice said...

Wow!! Great give away! I hope I win :)
email = iamcandice@hotmail.com
favorite song = Come Monday


Lisa said...

HECK YEAH!!!! That is a sa-weeeet giveaway. I'd totally skip Skee-Ball for this, too ;-)

It's really, really hard for me to pick but I think my favorite is pretty cheesy... Cheeseburger in Paradise, actually!!! ;-)

PS - You've got the email address!

Well I Do Declare said...

Already have a ticket, but if y'all want to meet up email me!!!

Prep in the Big Apple said...

Drooling. Favorite song is Fins. whaleflipflops{@}gmail{.}com. Sadly I think I am too far away. But oh Lord, this is my favorite giveaway by far.

Fins up!

jessica said...

Is it too late?! jessica@alumni.ncsu.edu and my fav. buffett song is One Particular Harbor!!