Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Topics: What's your pet peeve?

Molly from "Less of a Marilyn, More of a Jackie" (private blogger) suggested this week's topic:

What's your biggest pet peeve?

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Michael Scott's favorite source of definitions, Wikipedia, defines Pet Peeve as a minor annoyance that can instill a great frustration in a very small group of people, yet is experienced by everyone.

What is my pet peeve? I have a hard time understanding cabinet drawers / doors that are hanging wide open. Open, then close. Open, then close. Pull, then push. Pull, then push. HOW HARD CAN IT BE?

Does it drive you nuts when someone drives down the highway for miles with their blinker (turn signal) on? How about when people park crookedly in a parking space, taking up 2 places?

So, what's your pet peeve? discuss.

(I will post some of my favorite comments as an addition to this post)


The Wife said...

My two biggest are people who leave their shopping carts in parking lots and people who do not clean up their animals waste.

nanny said...

Gotta be popping gum, smacking and chewing with mouth open,,,,ugh!!!

Purple Flowers said...

People who drive with their signal light on for miles and miles.

People who tailgate, while you are driving the speed limit.

Telemarketing calls. Yes, we still get them even though we added our name to the list of "don't call"

QueenBeeSwain said...

you are funny lady!

I'm with open mouth chewers and gum snappers. I'd also like to add whiners. Everyone can have a mini-pity party now and then, but then get your act together and do something about it! Whining about whining is the only okay thing to whine about in my book :)


Rebekah said...

This is going to sound crazy but my biggest pet peeve is the light swithces in my house all have to be going in the same direction. Either all going up or all going down (when turned off or not being used). My husband knows this and he'll have them going in different directions to drive me crazy!!!

Tasha said...

My pet peeve of the day would have to be crumbs. How hard is it to wipe off a counter top? This happens at home and at work and today it is more irritating than normal for some reason. :-)

Well I Do Declare said...

Oh what a good topic! I was thinking of ranting on this one just the other day! My two are talking with food in your mouth. I CANNOT stand that! Also, those "wrong way" signs that are smack in the middle of the median. Couldn't they put it on the side that is the actual wrong way!?!

CAC muffin said...

People who are overly loud just to get attention,
when someone enters or leaves the yoga class and slams the door! Ohh yes and those who need to bring their photos into yoga and don't turn them off
:) peace and love

Melissa Good Taste said...

I have one and I didn't even have it until today! People who write on their blogs... "Email me for an invite to so and so..." and then don't ever return the email. It is a diss via blog that I had no idea even existed until today! Lol. Sorry just had to vent! Keep up the good work with the blog. I enjoy it!

KtP said...

Closet doors have to be shut (especially when I go to sleep), as do cabinets (I am as baffled on that one as you are - open, shut.), and toliet seats - DOWN. DOWN. You gross boys!

amanda said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one obsessed with drawers and doors. If I can see one from my bed, I will get up to fix it. I also can't stand people who pop or smack gum, or stick it places! I hate people who talk loudly on their cell phones in line. I also can't stand when my husband leaves the lid off the sugar jar. how hard is it to replace the lid?!

Denim and Pearls said...

Pushing in chairs. It is so not hard!

Molly said...

Okay, people that don't zipper their coats or bags, I hate when things aren't on the side they should be and that's the same when you wear a hooded shirt and the hood is a mess. Drives me crazy!

Team Clancy said...

People who talk on their phones when driving and don't pay attention to the road. If you can't multi task, then hang up, people! Your pet peeve made me laugh because my husband calls me the cabinet bandit. He will walk in the kitchen when I am cooking and EVERY door will be hanging wide open!

adozeneggs said...

I couldn't agree more with the parking peeve.
What about people in the 10 items or less line at the grocery store, who have a cart full of crap.
Or those people in the in the express checkout with one item and they write a check. And they don't even take out the check book until the cashier has rung up the item and bagged it?
My biggest pet peeve has to be people who turn around in our driveway. They drive all the way to our door and turn around.
Another one is tourists trespassing on our property so they can take a picture of our house.
I think I have too many pet peeves!!