Friday, February 27, 2009

Public Service Announcement: PLEASE shop your Mom and Pop's

The barefoot family has always liked to support the Mom & Pop business. Now it is more important than ever. Our country was built (was was successful for many years) on the free enterprise system. Only in recent decades have the "world domination" retailers come to every street corner ... and now look where we are! In that spirit, below is a letter I received from a local retailer:

I am starting a one woman campaign called, "PLEASE shop your Mom and Pops'!"

I am writing to you as a friend, business acquaintance, and/or fellow
American.  Never before have I felt more compelled to speak about

I will make it brief.  The family and locally owned stores around me
in North Carolina are dropping like flies!  These are hardworking
folks who brought unique, local artisans to our area and now they are
gone!  This is a loss for everyone!

The shops we all go in where the salesperson knows our child's name - gone!
The shop where you ordered your Christmas cards last year - gone!
The shop where you love to buy your favorite wedding gift - gone!

PLEASE stop spending your time shopping online and hop in the car or
call your locally owned store, they'll have time to talk to you
because no one is in their store, and even if you have a little less
to spend, wherever you live - PLEASE shop your Mom and Pops' !

If you feel compelled to do so, please share this with others who are
concerned about our country and PLEASE shop your Mom and Pops'!

Thank you for your time!

Angela Sikes Krause
owner of a Mom and Pop
Raleigh, North Carolina

In the spirit of her campaign, pass along the message. It doesn't just apply to Mom & Pop's in NC, it's everywhere. What is your mission this weekend? Visit just one Mom & Pop and give them a little business, even if it's simply buying a coke. Go forth, & Happy Friday!


QueenBeeSwain said...

will do will do- I also really believe in them- mom and pops of all sorts of lines of business!


Piper Jacquelyn said...

I am ALL about the Mom & Pops, places like Walmart make me physically ill. I'm from a small town in Iowa & when WalM. came in it destroyed everything. I hate it.

Anonymous said...

I do and love them :)

Milltini said...

I'll definitely pass this message along!

Karen said...

Thank you for the reminder. I'm a big believer in supporting small businesses, but Target is just so dang convenient!

I'll do better, though!

nanny said...

What an awesome message!!!Well done!

Lucky in Love said...

Tagged you!!

adozeneggs said...

I'm already there, and happy to say that I've NEVER bought a thing in a Wal*Mart in my entire life.
I believe they are responsible in large part for the demise of the Mom & Pop shops.
I'll stop now before I sound like a total lunatic!!
Down with "big box" and Up with Mom & Pops, made in the USA!!

eew, my word verification is orrspuke!

adozeneggs said...

Hey, how's the job search? Have you looked into your own design on a budget business, what's going on with that?
If you need help with web design or anything, let me know. Hubs is a graphic designer and has built several sites from scratch. Maybe you could put your portfolio online?

Chloe said...

right on!

Tanya said...

Im all about it. I try and keep my life as local as possible! Great message :)

Stereos and Souffles said...

My husband and I are small business owners selling luxury items so I commend her for writing this. People are still spending money, but unfortunately with
times being tough, small businesses have to work twice as hard (and spend twice as much)to let people know they are out there. We are now going after the customers of the big box stores that have gone under by putting more money into advertising. It's a gamble but it has to work.

Heather said...

You know, I was just thinking about the same thing this weekend!

Polos & Pearls said...

I could not agree more. LB's family is in the clothing business in a small eastern NC town. A lot of my friends also own gift shops and stationary stores and it is scary for them.