Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pete at the Pub

Enjoying the last of the 60 degree evenings, the Badger, Pete, & I set off on Friday night for a downtown adventure. We wandered a bit around the First Friday artwalk then decided to meet another couple at the local pub for a few brews and some people watching.

We saw all kinds wandering up and down a popular nightlife area of the capital city. The winner bar none was a bridal party. The bride and groom were leading their wedding party to the bar. Yes she had on a gown, milky-acrylic stripper shoes, and her "girls" were spilling out of her strapless dress. The groom was carrying personalized beer glasses. It takes all kinds my friends.

Pete enjoyed his Friday night on the town! Too bad The Cupcake Shoppe doesn't have doggie cakes!


Lisa said...

Nick and I had dinner at Hibernian (sans Tank and Delta) and so didn't see y'all... I totally would've noticed Pete ;-) Wonder if y'all were at one of our other 3 downtown pubs?

Well I Do Declare said...

As for the wedding party, all I can say is WOW. I would have liked to see that in person... I'm sure I would have had some commentary :P

Glad y'all had fun this weekend!

adozeneggs said...

Those cupcakes look so cute. I wish we had a cupcake shop. Never mind that I wish we had a decent pub, and a decent bakery. I have to make all the baked goods! Pete looks adorable.

Red and White Preppy said...

I have no idea why this has become a trend! Why on earth is a girl going to ruin her wedding dress on the bar floor!?!?!

Hope you had a great weekend :)

KtP said...

It was great seeing y'all on Friday night! Im glad I ran into y'all while being out and about ...needless to say the bar I was headed too ended up being a disaster. Never again. What ever happened to good ol conversation rather then blasting R&B music and having people grind on one another?! Couldnt take it and headed home...Saturday night called for sushi and the Point. haha.
Have a great week!

Tasha said...

Glad to hear you had a fun evening out with free entertainment provided by the crazy wedding couple :-) People watching is never dull! LOL!