Sunday, May 18, 2008

Feet up with a glass of wine...

...that's me tonight! The wedding was wonderful. I have never been a MOH before but I have a new respect for the job title...busy busy busy! The weather was perfect, you couldn't have asked for a better day.

Life should be a bit less hectic now with several early summer road trips sprinkled in! I am looking forward to finishing up my swap package this week for my fabulous partner over at My Life in Pink and Green.

I'm a bit tardy in responding to a tag from Running Just as Fast as I I've decided to respond with a different one!

5 things I can't live without under $10:

1. Anakena sauvignon blanc wine. Perfect for Summer!
2. Queso from Armadillo Grille. Who am I kidding, queso from just about anywhere!
3. Rawhides for Pete. These have saved my furniture.
4. Silver Queen Corn. (this list is turning into my favorite foods...guess you can see where my brain is at the moment!)
5. Ice cream. I'm a total sucker. I LOVE "birthday cake remix" from Coldstone but there isn't one close to my house. The BF discovered this for me at the teeter. Its fabulous with half the fat!

5 favorite movies:

1. How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
2. Thomas Crowne Affair
3. Shag
4. Made of Honor (I usually don't put new ones on the list but I loved it!)
5. Sweet Home Alabama.

5 songs I could listen to over and over and over and over (you get the point):

1. Rhapsody in Blue
2. Tupelo Honey (and most Van Morrison)
3. Pachebel's Cannon in D
4. Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby
5. All For Love by Color Me Badd (give me a break, I did live out my childhood in the 80s/90s)

5 obsessions I have right now:

1. Sleeping. Just kidding...that's the exhaustion talking.
2. Going to the Farmers Market for fresh veggies to cook with
3. "Green Machine" juice from Bolthouse Farms. Costco now has it and its delish. (Once you get past the appearance of drinking what appears to be slime that is!)
4. Speaking of Costco...their gas. Despite the long lines, it is totally worth it to save $0.20 a gallon!
5. The "amount saved with coupons" line at the bottom of my Teeter receipt. I'm a huge nerd but I get so excited!I am totally bummed I missed triples this weekend!

5 Places I'd like to go:

1. The spa for a massage and mani pedi experience. (Ok so I've never had a massage before but I imagine it would be wonderful!)
2. Italy for the 1,000,000 obvious reasons!
3. Charleston, because I'm going in T minus 5 work days!
4. Maine. Random I know but somehow Maine in the summertime seems divine.
5. My porch to kick my feet up and read my new book while listening to the rain.

...and I think I'll head to #5 now!


Lauren said...

I enjoyed reading your post! A massage is such a nice splurge. You will have to try one sometime.

Enjoy your week!

The Mrs. said...

Good lord I don't even want to know what birthday cake remix is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have the same movie likes!

Lpeg said...

Maine in the summertime is divine. Try Camden sometime :)