Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Market Re-cap

No rest for the weary here. Got back from the test and have been running ever since. Busy is good at work, I just wish I could have 1 personal day for myself! I headed to international furniture market today in High Point. I think I've finally gotten the hang of it! This year (mostly in prevention of the migraine like I got last fall) I was saved by the fact that I sported my glasses, used a book bag, and wore these.

Now I never thought I'd promote the low profile trainers but wowza what a difference they made! They are linen to boot, were under $50, & hid under my wide leg j.crew khakis! (I also attribute my good mood to the coke (in glass bottles, who would have thought!), cookies, and goodies I got from the different showrooms throughout the day). Good thing I think I walked like 10 zillion miles today!

And now for the exciting part of market...the new trends! I spotted bright colors everywhere from textiles to furniture. Yellow, Red, Blue (all shades, and turquoise), and Green are huge! Trends seem to be moving away from the heavy "old world" look to a lighter, more clean lined transitional vibe. I also spotted lots of chartreuse accents with grey and silver! I even got to see Barclay Butera working in his booth!

Now its time to kick back and relax!


Lauren said...

I am glad you had a productive day at market! I bet it was fun to see all the new furniture trends.

Enjoy your week!

Amelia said...

Sounds like fun!!!

I tagged you here :)

JN said...

You've been tagged:)

Happy Homemaker said...

What fun! Happy to have found your blog!