Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ask barefootbird...

I hope you all had wonderful weekends. It was beautiful weather here for most of the weekend and we got some much needed rain. The BF and I went to supper club on Friday night here, and it was yummy! Saturday evening was quite an interesting night as well. I went to a "slumber party hosted by a couple of neighborhood friends. We had a glorious and giggling (wine and champagne induced) time! Pete and I went and played in mud puddles in the park this morning and and then promptly bathed. He went from black and white to red clay colored in just a few minutes. I studied most of the day for my exam (3 weeks and it will be over hip hip hoooray!)

And now... Ask the barefootbird!

1. What are your hobbies?
-I love to garden (in containers at the current moment), cook, read, bake (especially cakes), hike in the mountains, and swim at the coast. I guess you could say that I'm pretty domestic!

2. What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday?
-Get up around 9 and have a cup of hot tea on my porch while reading the News & Observer. Pete and I would then head to the park for a bit then to the farmers market to see what goodies we can find. The rest of a favorite Saturday would probably include some combo of a pedicure, a good book, and then cooking out with friends for dinner.

3. What are your favorite TV shows?
-Everything on the Food Network, The Hills (guilty pleasure), Gossip Girl (guilty pleasure), Dirty Jobs, Cash Cab, The Office (so excited for its return), Men In Trees, & Ugly Betty

4. Favorite movies?
-Shag, Thomas Crown Affair, Serendipity, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, & Sweet Home Alabama (I'm a sucker for chick flicks!)

5. PC or Mac?
-Currently a TERRIBLE large PC desktop hand-me-down from my parents after my college laptop bit the dust. I think autocad killed the thinkpad! I'd love to try a mac but I have a feeling my "economic stimulus package" may go towards a new laptop!

6. Favorite thing to do in NC?
-This is a tough question seeing as I LOVE being a North Carolinian. We are lucky to have the best of both worlds. I can be at the coast in 2.5 hours with sand in between my toes and fresh seafood on the table. In just a little more time I can be in the mountains sitting on the porch in a rocking chair with a good book enjoying the cool crisp mountain air.

I'm looking forward to a short week and Easter! Seersucker, sandles, and sundresses here we come!


Lauren said...

It was fun to read a little more about you! You and I sound a lot alike. I also love Sweet Home Alabama and the Thomas Crown Affair.

Anonymous said...

i'm very new to this land of blogging and i stumbled across yours this evening--love it! i am also a food network, the hills, gossip girl, north carolinian born & bred for life junkie! looking forward to reading more!