Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thursday Meme: A-Z

A: Available or Single? Not sure what that means... but the BF and I have been together for 1 yr 10 months
B: Best Friend? I am lucky to have lots of wonderful friends! But I will say that I am very excited about being the maid of honor in the upcoming wedding of my best friend since age 10 in May!
C: Cake or Pie? Toughie. Do cupcakes count?
D: Drink of choice? Pellegrino Limonata, Carib Beer, Cranberry Juice, Margaritas, & Sangria!
E: Essential item I use every day? Clear Care contact solution
F: Favorite Colors? Pink, Green, & Navy
G: Gummy Bears or Worms? Worms for sure!
H: Hometown? Born in lived in Fayetteville, NC for 17 years.
I: Indulgence? Mani-Pedi & a Hegrity treat!
J: January or February? Neither one really but February is better because it is closer to spring!
K: Kids & names? Pete is my furbaby!
Life is not complete without.... my family, bf, friends, & furbaby (with lots of good food and wine mixed in!)
M: Mint Juleps or Mimosas? Mmm...both!
N: Number of siblings? Just one little sister
O: Oranges or Apples? Orange Juice and Fugi Apples
P: Phobias or fears? Snakes. GROSS.
Q: Quotes? "Whooo...whooo whooo... Thank God I'm a Tarheel" -Ric Flair (hee hee)
R: Reason to smile? BF comes home from work traveling tomorrow!
S: Season? Every one but winter. I wish it was winter only between Thanksgiving and Christmas...then it can be spring. :)
T: Tag? Anyone who wants to do it! (Honestly I'm not really sure how to tag...anyone care to share?)
U: Unknown fact about me? I don't sleep well without a ceiling fan on and a glass of water next to the bed
V: Veggie you dont like? Schrute Farms beets. Just kidding...a little nod to The Office which I miss so very much! For real though, I'm not really partial to cucumbers or pickles (unless they are fried!)
W: Worst Habit? Hi my name is barefootbird and I'm a nail biter. I'm trying to quit!!
X: Is there any word that beings with X that fits here?
Y: Favorite Food? Don't even get me started... I have TONS! Good thing my furbaby keeps me in shape with our multiple daily walks!
Zodiac sign? Cancer the Crab.


Danielle said...

I just came across your blog today so I thought I'd say hi.

Your dog is adorable! :)


Danielle said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I still haven't seen the commercial on TV :(

I really hope I'll be able to link the other commercial somehow. It was so much better than this one.

Susan D. said...

My hubby is from Fayetteville - his parents and the rest of his family are still there. I am a recovered nail biter as well. Hard habit to break! Manicures were finally what helped me!

Heather at Grace303 said...

Such a cute list. I liked the pics of your dog in the other post also - such a cutie pie.